Planning an outdoor wedding can be both exciting and challenging. One of the key aspects of a successful outdoor wedding is choosing the right outdoor wedding hire equipment. The right equipment can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional venue, ensuring your big day runs smoothly. Whether you’re planning a romantic garden ceremony or a lively beach party, having the right hire equipment can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll walk you through ten essential items you need to consider for your outdoor wedding. From marquees to sound systems, these items will help you create a magical setting that your guests will love. By understanding what you need and why it’s important, you’ll be well on your way to planning the perfect outdoor wedding. Let’s look into the must-have equipment to make your outdoor wedding a day to remember.


Marquees are essential for outdoor weddings, offering shelter from unpredictable weather and creating a dedicated space for your celebration. For example, in Kent, where the weather can change quickly, having a marquee ensures your guests stay comfortable, whether it’s sunny or rainy.

There are different types of marquees to choose from, each with its own style and benefits. Traditional pole marquees give a classic look, while frame marquees offer more flexibility with no central poles, allowing for an open and spacious interior. Stretch tents provide a modern and stylish option, easily shaped to fit different spaces.

Hiring a marquee allows you to customise the interior with decorations, lighting, and furniture to match your wedding theme. It also provides a defined area for dining, dancing, and ceremonies, making your event feel organised and cohesive.

With a marquee, you have the flexibility to create separate zones for different parts of your wedding, such as a cosy lounge area, a lively dance floor, and a quiet dining space. This versatility makes marquees a popular choice for many outdoor weddings. Ensure you choose a marquee that fits your guest list and the size of your venue, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for any weather.

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Lighting is a key element in setting the mood for your outdoor wedding. It not only adds beauty but also ensures safety for your guests as the sun sets. The right outdoor wedding hire equipment can transform your venue into a magical space, perfect for celebrating your special day.

There are many types of lighting to consider. Fairy lights are a popular choice, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere when draped around trees, along pathways, or over dining areas. Lanterns can add a classic touch, providing soft and inviting light. For more focused lighting, spotlights can highlight key areas such as the dance floor, cake table, or entrance.

When planning your lighting, think about the time of day your wedding will take place. Evening weddings will require more extensive lighting than daytime events. Consider using a mix of lighting types to create depth and interest. For example, combine fairy lights for ambiance with spotlights for functionality.

Battery-operated and solar-powered lights are great options for outdoor settings as they reduce the need for extensive wiring and are easy to set up. Proper lighting will not only enhance the beauty of your wedding but also ensure that all areas are well-lit and safe for your guests.


Seating is a vital part of your outdoor wedding setup. Comfortable and stylish seating ensures that your guests can relax and enjoy the ceremony and reception. When choosing outdoor wedding hire equipment, consider the type of seating that best fits your wedding theme and venue.

There are several options to choose from. Wooden benches offer a rustic charm, perfect for garden or barn weddings. Chiavari chairs provide an elegant touch, suitable for more formal settings. For a casual, beachside wedding, folding chairs or even hay bales covered with fabric can create a relaxed vibe.

Arrange the seating to ensure all guests have a good view of the ceremony. For the reception, consider long banquet tables with matching chairs for a communal feel, or round tables for a more traditional setup. Don’t forget about seating for elderly guests and those with special needs, ensuring they are comfortable and can easily access all areas.

Adding cushions or covers can enhance comfort and tie the seating into your wedding colour scheme. You can also decorate the chairs with ribbons, flowers, or personalised signs to add a unique touch. Properly planned seating helps create a welcoming and organised atmosphere for your guests, making your outdoor wedding even more special.

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Tables are another essential element of your Outdoor Wedding Hire Equipment. They provide a place for guests to dine, chat, and enjoy the festivities. Choosing the right tables can enhance the overall look and feel of your wedding.

There are various types of tables to consider. Round tables are popular for dining as they encourage conversation and create a communal atmosphere. Rectangular tables can be arranged in long banquet-style rows, ideal for a more formal setup or family-style dining. Cocktail tables are great for standing areas where guests can mingle and enjoy drinks and appetisers.

When selecting tables, consider the size of your guest list and the layout of your venue. Ensure there is enough space for guests to move around comfortably. Adding table linens that match your wedding colours can tie everything together and create a cohesive look.

Decorating tables with centrepieces such as flowers, candles, or personal mementoes can add a personal touch to your wedding. Make sure the centrepieces are low enough so guests can see each other across the table. Proper table arrangement and decoration help create a beautiful and functional dining area for your outdoor wedding, ensuring guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Dance Floor

A dance floor is a must-have for any wedding reception, providing a dedicated space for guests to dance and celebrate. When planning your Outdoor Wedding Hire Equipment, including a dance floor can ensure that your guests have a place to let loose and enjoy the festivities.

There are various types of dance floors to consider. Classic wooden dance floors offer a timeless look that suits many wedding styles. For a more modern touch, LED dance floors with lights that change colour and pattern can create a vibrant atmosphere. If you’re hosting a beach wedding, a portable dance floor that can be set up on sand may be ideal.

When choosing a dance floor, consider the size of your guest list and the space available at your venue. Ensure the dance floor is large enough to accommodate your guests comfortably but not so large that it feels empty.

Placing the dance floor in a central location can make it the focal point of your reception, encouraging guests to join in the fun. Surround the dance floor with seating and tables so guests can easily move between dancing and socialising. A well-placed dance floor helps create a lively and engaging atmosphere, making your outdoor wedding unforgettable.

Sound System

A good sound system is crucial for your outdoor wedding, ensuring that music, speeches, and announcements are heard clearly by all your guests. As part of your Outdoor Wedding Hire Equipment, choosing the right sound system can greatly enhance the overall experience of your event.

There are a few key components to consider. Speakers are essential for projecting sound across your venue. For larger spaces, you might need multiple speakers to ensure even coverage. Wireless microphones are important for the officiant, speeches, and any announcements, allowing for clear and uninterrupted communication. A mixer helps control the sound levels and can be used to adjust the audio settings to suit the event.

When selecting a sound system, consider the size of your venue and the number of guests. Larger venues will require more powerful speakers and possibly additional equipment to ensure the sound reaches everyone. Test the sound system before the event to avoid technical issues on the day.

Position the speakers strategically to avoid feedback and ensure the sound is evenly distributed. Placing speakers at different points around the venue can help achieve this. A well-chosen and properly set-up sound system ensures that your guests can enjoy the music and hear every important moment of your special day.

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Catering Equipment

Proper catering equipment is essential for serving food and drinks at your outdoor wedding. As part of your Outdoor Wedding Hire Equipment, having the right tools and setup ensures that your guests are well-fed and happy throughout the event.

Consider what type of catering service you’ll be providing. For a seated meal, you’ll need tables and chairs, table linens, plates, cutlery, and glassware. Buffet-style setups require serving tables, chafing dishes to keep food warm, and serving utensils. If you’re having a more casual event, consider food stations or food trucks, which also need appropriate setup and serving areas.

Important catering equipment includes portable ovens, grills, or stoves if food will be cooked on-site. Refrigeration units are crucial for keeping ingredients and beverages cool, especially in warmer weather. Don’t forget items like coffee makers, ice buckets, and bar equipment if you’ll be serving drinks.

Ensure your catering equipment is adequate for the number of guests and the type of food being served. Work closely with your caterer to make sure all necessary equipment is included and that it will be set up efficiently on the day of the event.

Heating and Cooling

Temperature control is crucial for ensuring your guests’ comfort during your outdoor wedding. As part of your Outdoor Wedding Hire Equipment, including heating and cooling options can make a significant difference, especially considering the unpredictable British weather.

For cooler months or evenings, outdoor heaters are essential. Patio heaters, electric heaters, and gas heaters can provide warmth and keep your guests comfortable. Place heaters strategically around seating areas, dining spaces, and the dance floor to ensure even heat distribution. Consider renting blankets or shawls as an extra touch to keep your guests cosy.

In warmer weather, cooling options are just as important. Fans, misting systems, and portable air conditioners can help keep the temperature down and ensure your guests remain comfortable. Position fans or air conditioners near the seating areas, dance floor, and buffet stations to provide effective cooling.

Think about the layout of your venue and where the heating or cooling units will be most effective. Ensure that all equipment is safe to use and that there are no tripping hazards from cables or placement.

Decor and Furniture

Decor and furniture are vital components of your Outdoor Wedding Hire Equipment, as they set the tone and enhance the visual appeal of your event. The right decor and furniture can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and inviting venue.

Start by selecting furniture that complements your wedding theme. For a rustic wedding, consider wooden tables and chairs. For a more elegant affair, opt for stylish chairs and tables with crisp linens. Lounge furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables, can create cosy seating areas for guests to relax and mingle.

Decorations like flowers, arches, and centrepieces can add charm and personality to your wedding. Use floral arrangements to line the aisle, adorn tables, or decorate the entrance. Arches and gazebos can serve as stunning backdrops for your ceremony and photos.

Lighting elements, such as fairy lights, lanterns, and candles, can also double as decor. Draping fairy lights across trees or placing lanterns along pathways can create a magical atmosphere as the sun sets.

When choosing decor and furniture, think about the overall flow and functionality of the space. Ensure there is enough seating for all guests and that the decor enhances rather than obstructs movement.



Providing adequate toilet facilities is an essential part of planning an outdoor wedding. As part of your Outdoor Wedding Hire Equipment, portable toilets ensure that all guests are comfortable throughout the event.

There are various types of portable toilets available, from basic units to luxury restroom trailers. Basic portable toilets are functional and cost-effective, ideal for smaller or more casual events. Luxury restroom trailers offer more comfort, with features such as running water, mirrors, lighting, and even air conditioning, making them suitable for more formal weddings.

When determining the number of toilets needed, consider the size of your guest list. A general rule of thumb is to have at least one toilet for every 50 guests. If your event includes alcohol, you might need additional facilities.

Place the toilets in a convenient but discreet location, away from the main event area yet easily accessible. Ensure the pathway to the toilets is well-lit and safe, especially for evening events.

Regular maintenance is important to keep the facilities clean and well-stocked with necessities such as toilet paper, hand sanitiser, and hand towels. Hiring a service that includes maintenance throughout the event can help ensure that the toilets remain in good condition.

By providing clean and accessible toilet facilities, you can ensure that your guests remain comfortable and focused on enjoying your special day, making your outdoor wedding a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Planning an outdoor wedding involves many details, and having the right outdoor wedding hire essentials is key to making your special day a success. From marquees and lighting to seating and sound systems, each element plays an important role in creating a beautiful and comfortable environment for you and your guests.

At Christopher James Events, we provide everything you need for your outdoor wedding. Our extensive range of hire equipment ensures that your event will be well-equipped and stylishly presented. We understand the unique challenges of planning an outdoor wedding, and our team is here to help you every step of the way.

With our high-quality marquees, elegant furniture, state-of-the-art sound systems, and much more, you can trust us to deliver the best solutions for your special day. Our experienced staff will work closely with you to understand your needs and ensure that every detail is perfect.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Choose Christopher James Events for all your outdoor wedding hire needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you create a magical outdoor wedding that you and your guests will remember forever.