Every event holds a unique sentiment and memory, from intimate house parties to grand wedding receptions. But what can truly set an event apart and add that magical touch? The answer: impeccable lighting. When planning your next event in Kent, consider Christopher James Events to ensure every moment is lit perfectly. Event lighting hire in Kent has never been this seamless.

Why is Lighting Crucial for Your Event?:

Accentuating the Event’s Theme and Decor:

Consistent Themes: Proper lighting can strengthen the visual theme of an event. For instance, soft, golden-hued lights can enhance a vintage-themed wedding, while neon lights can electrify an 80s retro party.

Highlighting Key Areas: Strategic lighting can draw attention to particular spots, such as a wedding altar, a stage, or a centrepiece, ensuring that these focal points get the attention they deserve.

Setting the Mood in Indoor Spaces:

Ambience Creation: The psychology of lighting plays a pivotal role in setting an event’s atmosphere. Warm lighting can create an intimate, cosy ambience, perfect for romantic or laid-back settings. In contrast, dynamic and brighter lighting can make a space feel energetic, ideal for dance parties or lively gatherings.

Transitioning Through the Event: Lighting can be adjusted as the event progresses. For instance, dinner might start with softer, ambient lighting, which then transitions to vibrant, lively lighting for the dance portion of the evening, exactly how you envisioned it with the event lighting hire in Kent.

Extending Outdoor Events Beyond Sunset:

Natural to artificial transition: as natural daylight fades the transition to artificial lighting should flow, ensuring guests remain engaged and the ambiance remains consistent.
Versatility: Outdoor lighting, such as fairy lights and lanterns not only provides necessary illumination but also adds an enchanting element to outdoor settings, whether it’s a garden or a beachfront.

Ensuring Safety:

Pathway Illumination: Especially in outdoor or unfamiliar venues, lighting pathways can prevent guests from tripping or getting lost. Guiding lights, like rope or ground-level lighting, ensure guests can safely navigate the venue.
Highlighting Changes in Terrain: If there are steps, slopes, or any changes in the ground level, adequate lighting can alert guests, minimising the risk of accidents.

Why Choose Christopher James for Your Event Lighting Hire in Kent

Comprehensive Services – Party On!:

Throwing a shindig? Celebrating “I do’s”? Hosting a conference or getting the band back together? From garden parties to weddings and everything in between, we’re your go-to. Need a basic Dry Hire or a full-on lighting spectacle? Say no more! We’re all about creating those “wow” moments.

Clear Pricing – No Sneaky Bits!:

Ever opened a bill and thought, “What on Earth?!” Us too. That’s why we’ve ditched the small print. With our all-inclusive price, from checking your venue’s power to flipping the switch on your event lighting, we’ve got it covered. No gimmicks, no surprises, just clear, honest pricing.

Top-Notch Equipment – No Strings (or Wires) Attached:

Ever tried using that old torch that flickers more than it shines? Frustrating, right? We feel you. Our equipment is maintained to perfection. Need it delivered flexibly? We’re on it! With us, you’re always in the spotlight, fuss-free.

A Glimpse of Our Offerings:

1. Festoon (From £1.75 Per Meter): Festoon lights are the classic outdoor event enhancer. Their charming, old-world feel brings warmth and elegance to any space, be it a garden party, wedding, or casual outdoor gathering. With a cost-effective price per meter, they’re perfect for draping across large expanses or intricately winding through trees and canopies.
2. Battery LED Uplighters (£25 Per Unit): These are a true game-changer for venues where power sources might be limited. Being battery-operated, they provide flexibility in placement. Their vibrant LED colours can accentuate walls, trees, or specific decor pieces, transforming the ambience with a touch of modernity.
3. Tipi Uplighters (From £150 Per Hat): Ideal for events with a rustic or bohemian vibe, Tipi Uplighters create an inviting glow in large tented areas. Their design complements the natural aesthetics of tipis, ensuring the interiors look as enchanting as the exteriors.
4. Outdoor LED Uplighters (£20 Per Unit): These are robust, durable, and designed specifically to withstand outdoor conditions. They’re perfect for highlighting architectural features, trees, or statues, ensuring that your venue shines, come rain or shine.
5. Fairy Lights (From £1 Per Meter): The delicate glow of fairy lights brings a touch of whimsy and magic. They’re versatile, suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, and can transform any venue into an almost fairytale-like dreamscape.
6. Disco Lighting (£70 for 2 Bars): Ready to get the party started? Disco lighting brings energy, vibrancy, and that “dance-floor ready” feel. Whether it’s a wedding reception or a birthday bash, these lights promise a night to remember.
7. Haze Machine (£75, Includes Fluid): For events that need a touch of drama or mystique, the Haze Machine delivers. It enhances the effect of other lights, creating a dynamic visual experience and setting the stage for memorable performances or entrances.
8. 50cm Mirror Ball (£75, includes battery pin spots and rotator): A nod to the classic disco era, this mirror ball reflects light in every direction, creating a myriad of dancing patterns. It’s not just a light; it’s an experience, evoking nostalgia and ensuring fun!
9. Source 4 Junior Zoom (White) (£50 Per Unit) & 10. Fusion Zoom Spot (White) (£50 Per Unit): Both these units offer precise lighting control, allowing event planners to spotlight specific areas or create dynamic lighting effects. They’re essential for performances, speeches or highlighting crucial decor elements.
11. Fusion 120 Zoom (Zoom) (£25 Per Unit): Offering a blend of intensity and control, this unit ensures that every corner of your event space is precisely lit, creating an inviting and well-balanced ambience.
12. Spectrapix (White) (£15 Per Unit): Perfect for adding a contemporary edge, the Spectrapix offers bright, sharp light, great for creating patterns or complementing modern event themes.

Real Experiences: A Testament to Our Service

It’s always heartening to hear from our satisfied clients. Lynda M’s experience beautifully captures the essence of what we strive for at Christopher James Events: “5 stars isn’t enough. After sending photos of ideas and approximate dimensions, Chris gave ideas on how much lighting we would need. This was a total do-it-yourself wedding, so we had no idea how many metres we needed. Chris had to use his imagination as the lights couldn’t go up to plan, but it did not disappoint. It completely transformed the barn from old and worn to romantic and cosy. We had uplighters, festoon, and fairy lights which provided the perfect mood lighting throughout the day. Thank you, Chris, for your professionalism and help throughout our planning.” – Lynda M
This review underscores our commitment to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. It’s not just about providing equipment; it’s about understanding the vision, adapting to challenges, and ensuring the ambience is just right. So, whether you’re planning a DIY event or seeking full-scale production support, rest assured that with Christopher James, you’re in capable hands.

In the Spotlight with Christopher James Events:

In the dazzling world of events, the devil’s often in the details. And, well, we at Christopher James Events like to think we’ve got those details down to an art – a rather fun, lively art! When you think of event lighting hire in Kent, think of us, whether it’s a simple party or tying the knot, our diverse range of services ensures there’s something for everyone.
From a cosy backyard gathering to a grand wedding fiesta, we’re here to turn up the dazzle factor. Need a simple Dry Hire or envisioning a bespoke lighting wonderland? We’ve got your back!
Worried about the bill? Chuck those worries out the window! With our crystal-clear, all-inclusive pricing, what you see is precisely what you get. No hidden charges, no sneaky add-ons. Just honest, transparent pricing that lets you focus on the fun.
Speaking of uniqueness, we’re big believers in celebrating individuality. That’s why our solutions are as diverse as the events we light up. Round-the-clock support? Check. Tailored designs? Double check. We’re here to ensure your vision shines bright, 24/7.
Lastly, our equipment? Oh, it’s the bee’s knees! Always in prime condition, ready to light up your event without a hitch. And with our uber-flexible delivery, you can be sure it’ll arrive just where and when you need it.

Spreading Our Glow Beyond the South East!

At Christopher James Events, our heart and soul might be firmly rooted in the South East, but our passion for lighting up your events knows no boundaries! We’ve been fortunate to bring our unique touch to countless events within this region, but that doesn’t mean we’re limited to it.
While the South East remains our primary playground, we’re always on the lookout for exciting opportunities beyond. If your event happens to be outside our main area of operation, don’t fret! We’re more than willing to travel that extra mile (or miles) to bring our expertise to you. However, do note that events outside the South East may come with additional transport and staffing charges. But, rest assured, any extra costs will be transparent, fair, and justified.
Thinking of hiring our event equipment for a location outside the South East? Or perhaps you’re just around the corner but have specific requirements in mind? Either way, we’re all ears and eager to help.

If you’re eager to learn more about our services or have specific questions, we’re just a call or click away. Reach out to us at 0333 335 5392 or drop us an email at info@christopherjamesevents.co.uk. Alternatively, if you prefer to send in your query online, visit our contact page and fill out the form. We’re here to assist you with all your event planning needs. Additionally, for more insights and tips, why not peruse some of our other helpful blogs? They’re packed with information and inspiration that could be just what you need for your next event.


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